Kinzer Edwards

Kinzer Edwards
Wichita Falls Texas 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 26 Racing Results

The track was slick for the heat races on Saturday night.

Kinzer started outside 3rd row in the first heat of the night. He finished in first place.

While he was checking the track during intermission, his dad drew the #6 pill putting Kinzer on the outside of the 3rd row in the feature. While he was able to maneuver around most of the other drivers Kinzer just couldn't get around his brother and he finished in the second spot on this night of racing.

June 19 Racing Results

The track was sloppy on this night of racing. Kinzer started on the inside 3rd row of the 3rd heat of the night. In his usual style, he made his way around the cars ahead of him and finished in first place.

For the feature race, Kinzer drew the #1 pill, starting him in the pole position. He brought home another win finishing a couple of car lengths ahead of his brother.